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Large retailers offer a wide range of products which includes all the moments of consumption.... Their catalog must answer to the needs of final consumer, from finger food to deserts. The common point for all the products are the size, the ease of restitution and the packaging.



We have created a range of products with classic Japanese street-food in order to meet the consumer expectations who are always looking for new ethnic products. The recipes are the same than the one we offer to the restaurants which shows our will to bring the restaurant at home. Families who often visit large retailers don't have always seasoning and and sauces at home so we have decided to marinate and coat the skewers for example. The range is completed with grilled gyoza, nikuman and yasaïman.


Finger food
CHICKEN GYOZA 20 g réf 170006 Discover
SHRIMPS GYOZA 20 g réf 170007 Discover
VEGETABLES GYOZA 20 g réf 170002 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050-00-01 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050-00-01 Discover
Non classé
BLACK SESAME ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150003 Discover
CHOCOLATE ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150009 Discover
COCONUT ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150005 Discover
MATCHA ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150004 Discover
PASSION FRUIT ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150007 Discover
STRAWBERRY ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150008 Discover
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