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Restaurateurs with barbecue

In UK, restaurants serving Japanese cuisine mostly have barbecue facilities. Their varied offer comes in "cold" dishes: Makis, Suhis, salads ... but also "hot" dishes: skewers, Gyoza, soups, noodles ... The preparations are made on place in the kitchen and the presence of the barbecue gives the skewers an excellent smoky taste, in accordance with Japanese tradition. The air extraction equipment makes this cooking possible.

Restaurant avec barbecue

Yaki Steam range

new range of "semi-finished" skewers leaving the restaurant owner free to put his personal touch: barbecue cooking. These restaurants are very recognizable in the cooking of skewers with this smoky taste, Restaurant offer either skewer weights ranging from 31 to 40g, This range allows the restaurant owner to save time by offering pre-cooked products,


Finger food
CHICKEN GYOZA 22 g réf 170004 Discover
CHICKEN GYOZA - réf 170011 Discover
NIKUMAN 40 g réf 120000 Discover
SHRIMPS GYOZA - réf 170010 Discover
VEGETABLES GYOZA 20 g réf 170002 Discover
VEGETABLES GYOZA - réf 170009 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050-00-01 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050-00-01 Discover
YASAÏMAN 40 g réf 120001 Discover
CHICKEN KARAAGE between 33 and 36 g réf 140004 Discover
KATSU CHICKEN 150 g réf 110002 Discover
KATSU CHICKEN 100 g réf 110006 Discover
OOKII CHICKEN 100 g réf 110004 Discover
PUCHI CHICKEN - réf 110001 Discover
Non classé
BLACK SESAME ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150003 Discover
CHOCOLATE ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150009 Discover
COCONUT ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150005 Discover
MATCHA ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150004 Discover
PASSION FRUIT ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150007 Discover
STRAWBERRY ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150008 Discover
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