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The Japanese restaurant without extraction more commonly refers to the various chains of Sushi restaurants also known as "small kitchen". Their economic model being initially based on an exclusively cold offer, the kitchens are not equipped with extractor hoods. Some kitchens are even open to the room for an immersive experience. over time, these restaurateurs have completed their initial Sushi / Maki menu with hot dishes such as skewers, Gyoza or even Don... These products sold hot must respect the existing environment and be easy to return to the oven, the microwave or Merychef. Products must also respond to the growing trend of take-away and delivery. Finally, the restaurateur has at his disposal the condiments and sauces necessary to sublimate his dish.

Solution Dark Kitchen

RANGE Black Box

First range developed by JapCook. This range has been designed to meet the needs of restaurateurs who have the bare minimum of equipment in a kitchen that is not equipped with an extractor hood. The skewers are mounted, seasoned, cooked through and grilled in order to offer the restaurateur ready-to-use products, only to be sublimated. The weight of each skewer is studied so that the professional sells them by 2 accompanied by rice, a salad, a soup or Sushi.

The Black Box range does not stop only at Yakitori, Yaki Boeuf fromage and Yaki Tsukune but at the entire JAPCOOK catalogue: grilled Gyoza, Karaage (microwavable), Katsu Tori, Nikuman, Yasaïman. also find intermediate products such as Ookii Chicken and Puchi Chicken to compose maki and hot bowls.


Finger food
CHICKEN GYOZA 20 g réf 170006 Discover
NIKUMAN 40 g réf 120000 Discover
SHRIMPS GYOZA 20 g réf 170007 Discover
VEGETABLES GYOZA 20 g réf 170002 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050 Discover
YAKI BEEF CHEESE 31 g réf 100050 Discover
YAKI TSUKUNE 40 g réf 100049 Discover
YAKI TSUKUNE 40 g réf 100049-01 Discover
YAKITORI 30 g réf 100069 Discover
YAKITORI 40 g réf 100048-02 Discover
YAKITORI 30 g réf 100069 Discover
YAKITORI 40 g réf 100048-02 Discover
YASAÏMAN 40 g réf 120001 Discover
CHICKEN KARAAGE between 33 and 36 g réf 140004 Discover
KATSU CHICKEN 150 g réf 110002 Discover
KATSU CHICKEN 100 g réf 110006 Discover
OOKII CHICKEN 100 g réf 110004 Discover
PUCHI CHICKEN - réf 110001 Discover
THICK STEAK 100-120 g réf 130019 Discover
Non classé
BLACK SESAME ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150003 Discover
CHOCOLATE ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150009 Discover
COCONUT ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150005 Discover
MATCHA ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150004 Discover
PASSION FRUIT ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150007 Discover
STRAWBERRY ICED MOCHI 35 g réf 150008 Discover
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