Sacs Japcook


It’s the most common packaging adapted for several products.
This kind of packaging is simple, inexpensive, fast and offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of dimensions and materials. It’s adapted for a weight between 250gr and 1.8kg.
The bags can be printed in HD Flexo.



It’s the more popular packaging for frozen products.
The boxes can be placed vertically and horizontally.
With this kind of packaging you will have the place to indicate many information.
The boxes can be printed (OFFSET) and weigh between 250g and 800g.


You can choose your label.
Contact us for a customized advice

Marque Japcook


The JAPCOOK’s bags and boxes are ready to use for all the distribution channels.
They use barcodes and are traduced in 5 languages.

Votre marque

Your own brand

We can create a label with your own logo and graphical charter. We work with you to find the best solution for your product.

Conditionnement sans marquage

Neutral labelling

It includes only the mandatory information, has no logo and is written in one language. It is the most cost-effective solution for satisfying the regulatory requirements.