Vegetable-filled bun, cooked

Yasaiman - Vegetable-filled bun, cooked


DOUGH, 60% : wheat flour, water, sugar, rice oil, yeast, salt
FILLING, 40% : vegetables ( cabbage, sugar snap peas, Shiitake mushrooms, carrot, onion, spring onion, red pepper, garlic), soy sauce (fructose syrup, soya, water, molasses, salt, wheat, yeast), sugar, water, sesame and rice oils, corn starch, spice: ginger, salt, pepper


Place 2 frozen yasaïman in a suitable container.
Heat uncovered with 1 glass of water for 1 min 30.
Steaming basket
Place the yasaïman in a steaming basket without adding fat.
Place the basket over a pot of boiling water for 6 to 8 minutes.
Electric steamer
Fill the machine’s tank with water.
Preheat the machine to 75°C (depending on the model).
Place the frozen yasaïman on the grills, leaving a space between them.
Heat for at least 30 mins.
No additives
Non-halal product
Store at -18°C – Store between 0 and 4°C once defrosted


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Ref Target market Weight/unit No. of pieces/SKU Net SKU weight No. of SKUs/box No. of SKUs/pallet
120001 Food Service
Cash & Carry
40 g 20 800 g 8 352
300010 Retail 6 240 g 10 810