Passion and expertise have been the driving forces in Mourad Benamer’s professional career, from the creation of the Eat Sushi restaurant chain in 2006 to the founding of JapCook in 2014.

This born entrepreneur started out with his brothers, creating a sandwich manufacturing and distribution network with universities in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, with students falling over themselves for the tasty ‘home-made’ buns they sold at very reasonable prices. From buyer and cook to salesman and delivery driver, Mourad Benamer has held every position there is in the catering industry and acquired a perfect knowledge of how the sector works, and it was this journey and this experience on the ground that made JapCook such a logical next step.

Mourad Benamer is familiar with all of the constraints associated with the industry, which is why he made it his mission to offer solutions designed to meet his customers’ needs. With this in mind, JapCook strives to provide both chefs and individuals with Japanese culinary staples designed to satisfy their every need whilst also saving them time, all available through retail channels.

Customisation is a key element of JapCook’s expertise, representing its ability to adapt the product to suit the individual client. The Yakitori chicken skewer, for example, is available in around ten different versions that vary in terms of size, coating (or absence thereof), packaging, country of manufacture, origin of the meat, etc. JapCook calls upon its team of experts to bring you innovative solutions and develop the brand-new product that you want, tailored to your particular market.

JapCook began by producing skewers and gyozas – both classics to be found on the menu at any Japanese restaurant – and has expanded its range over the years. It currently has a portfolio of some forty or so products made with high-quality ingredients and in keeping with tradition. The famous Yaki Gyu Chizu beef and cheese skewer, for example, is a best-seller and a true industrial feat that means that JapCook is the only company to market it in Europe. This 2020/2021 catalogue features six new products, all designed with restaurateurs in mind and created with a view to revolutionising the image of traditional Japanese cuisine as we know it in Europe and highlighting its extraordinary street food culture.
Driven by Mourad Benamer’s experience in the industry, JapCook constantly strives not only for excellence in the dish that ultimately reaches the customer but also practicality where the restaurateur is concerned, and all new recipes are based on this ethos. Similarly, all products come with recommendations for their preparation (defrosting, cooking, suggested presentation, etc.) to help achieve impeccable results. It is, after all, about going beyond sales alone to support the restaurateur in every aspect of what they do.

With this in mind, JapCook products need to be easy to reconstitute with the equipment available to kitchen teams, meaning that supporting distributors and restaurateurs is a priority for JapCook. Even the packaging is designed to meet the customer’s requirements. The number of pieces per box is determined following careful examination, and some bags are resealable to avoid food waste. Japanese restaurants, snacks and bold chefs will no doubt find that this new catalogue offers a range of high-quality and original solutions to help them develop their menus. Passion and expertise are part of JapCook’s DNA, along with a desire to offer a true culinary experience for both the restaurateur and their customers, which is why JapCook has become a leading partner to Japanese restaurants in Europe.